Posted by: imohammedx | August 26, 2010

Elves is real !!..

today i want to talk about elves…most people love the fairy tales elves and they have fantasy about them but today fantasy can be real and elves exist…,some watched elves in

1-lord of the rings

2- the famous game world of war craft

3- santa helper 😛

girls today its easy to satisfied ur fantasy and be an elf,new plastic  surgeon is now working on eears and there some picture’s

Posted by: imohammedx | August 21, 2010

Kuwaiti Video blogger..

hello there..

yesterday i was looking video’s on youtube and guess what i found..,i found kuwaiti blogger making video on youtube,that what i call it vlog  as video blogger..,he’s teenager and he’s kinda funny i enjoy see his video’s,u should give thumb up if u like him 😉

Posted by: imohammedx | August 20, 2010

Back To blogging

hello evry one sory to stop all of sudden stuff just come up and i didnt have time to post..

kel 3am o entaw b5er o mbark 3lekom el shahar …ele bga mn el shahar o enshallah yn3ad 3lekom b97a o slama 🙂

Posted by: imohammedx | July 12, 2010

the octopus for sell

hy there just on mbc 1 abudlla bl5er kan b9da el mla3b and he offered 40,000 euro for the octopus.., and he said that he suppord spain after brazil and angartena 😛

Posted by: imohammedx | July 12, 2010

New Hero..and sick match

Today we have a new hero,and they didnt play so well,but they get the goal so they got it..,but come on lets think about it aright…,the ref gave 11 yellow card and 1 red card for holland and most fauls for spain even if its dont count ,2nd they got the t-shirt before they even known they gonna win isnt that little suspicious ??…,in all the history of the world cup no one ever do it even when they r sure they gonna take it .

o mbrook 3lehom :),and they got it for the first time and they play hard for it they always win 1-0 i guess that is hard work to get it  i guess,any way the good thing that muller got the goal trophy .. wish luck for both of the teams .

no offence but i think its funny there how spain win 😛

kntaw br3ayat evian  cheak the commercial  its so great 😛

Posted by: imohammedx | July 11, 2010

360 crystal glass flower

some one just told me that the 360 crystal glass flowers is tearing apart and start to broke down..i just want to warn u guys carful dont stand under it not safe any more 😛

Posted by: imohammedx | July 11, 2010

How to get over a girl..!!

today i was browser some blog and i find some thing interested…and its to get over ur girlfriend if she cheat on u or broke ur heart there is a way to get ur anger to her and its bitch citation…

just fill it and send it to ur girlfriend and tell her how bitch she is 😛

Posted by: imohammedx | July 10, 2010

Anwa3 tna7 el bshar …

fe shy esma 6.77 ?? elsa3a cham dgega :S

9ij tnaaa7




lool awal mra free o thani mra bfloos o etha tbi tmoot mra thaltha yswon 3r’9 bni9 el s3r 😛

9ij tnaa7






elsjada klha b 75 o el ni9 b 37 😛

o el rb3 b 16 😛

shal awadm tnaaaa7





lool attention el m63m mo mftoo7 tra m9kr 😛

ya3ni fhmaaw tra m’3l8 mo m9kr 😛

fe atn7 mn chii





loooool ma adri shgool bs aked e3lan 7g el 3myan ?

ya3ni mo 7g el 9m5aan ??

sh9ayr bl3alm o tna7hooom

Posted by: imohammedx | July 9, 2010

Revenge of a girl

today i was out in the city of manchester walking around with my friends ,i found 2 school girls fighting and shouting at each other we didnt mind them, we moved and we enter hmv  media store we look around then we get out and we was goin to the food court at the escalator i saw the funniest things i’ve seen in manchester, some how the girl was infront of us ,one of the girls turn back and watched us for a secound then she hold her friend skirt and take it up and all the people behind us saw it ,she showed her friend ass to the poeple  ;P… what a revenge.

Posted by: imohammedx | July 8, 2010

Gay village in manchester..That was shock for me

Public houses in the Canal Street area have had a gay clientele since at least 1940[128] and now form the centre of Manchester’s gay community. Following the council’s investment in infrastructure, the UK’s first gay supermarket was opened; since the opening of new bars and clubs the area attracts 20,000 visitors each weekend[128] and has hosted a popular festival, Manchester Pride, each August since 1991.[133] The TV series Queer as Folk was set in the area.

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